Review: “Learn to Prophesy” By Owie Abutu


Living in a 21st Century era is highly demanding. And this is not unconnected to how fast things are becoming in unfolding to their reality. That’s to say we’re living in a time of REALITY. We cannot but take notice of every side because the world all around is crumbling. Today, we see how the economy of every nation is being crippled, right from the world powers like the USA, Germany, and the rest of the them, and if the world powers are going down, what do we say of  the developing world? Seeing all these, we cannot but take notice.

Therefore, there is a call for action! This call is urgent and we have to be swift in our decision if we do not want to be trampled upon by circumstances around us. The call is for us to work on our belief. Straighten things around us and make sure we have every tool necessary to combat with both physical and natural phenomena. This is why today I bring to your reading pleasure, the review of the widely heard song by Owie Abutu titled, “Learn to Prophesy”.

From the Biblical stand, prophesy has two phases, it is either positive or negative. To many, the negative effect is so pronounced that the positive side is faded. Many on the other hand with their mouths have brought untold failure into their own lives.

As a result of the above, Owie Abutu in his track I suppose, is of the opinion that people should learn how to say positive things about themselves as whatever they say turns out to be what becomes of them. From the first line of the song, he vehemently stated that “na the name wey you call yourself, na him dem go call you”… hence the way we carry ourselves matters a lot. What we say about our lives matters too. You are just exactly the way you think about yourself, if that is the case; why not learn how to say life into your living? Though circumstances around you may not give room for that but, you can always learn to say sweet things about yourself.

“the next time you want to talk, this is what t say,
the next time you want to speak, this is how to speak..
I’m blessed, am blessed beyond measure, I’m rich, am rich
with plenty money, am the heir of the Lord, the head and not the
tail…my name na favour, my name na blessing…he turns my pain to
success and my name na prosper…people call blessed”.

Another important area in this track is the usage of the Nigerian Creole (Pidgin English). The artist is able to blend this language into the song to make it simple for the right audience he has chosen. Creativity is to know what you’re doing and the people you’re doing it for (choosing the right audience and) and how to say it to them. He has rightly chosen his audience and employed the perfect method to do it.

So, from today, learn how to prophesy positively to yourself, children, spouse, family and the world. The Bible says that death and life have their powers resident in the lodge of the tongue. Our lives will become better if we can see the bad things happening as mere challenges that are just meant to try us and catapult us to the next level.

If you haven’t listened to the song, listen and download to your playlist.





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