Breaking News: Dunamis Church Bans Pecking And Hugging

Following the incessant display of “sociability” by some members of the church in a way of showing brotherly and sisterly love, the church “Dunamis Gospel Int’l Centre” under the leadership of the anointed servants of the Most High, Dr. Pastor Paul and Dr Mr Becky Enenche have directed that the membership should henceforth desist from hugging, pecking or kissing within and outside the church.
A video which uploaded sometimes ago last year was found on youtube and it explains in details where the wife of the senior pastor heavily stressed the desist from such act. Watch the video below and hear what she says  about hugging, kissing, pecking and the likes…
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The video explains in details what exactly she meant. Watch make your comments.
Do you think this is the right step in direction? Do you think other churches should adopt same mechanism to keep the church off all appearances of evil? Let’s hear you in the comment.


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