“Go For More Education”, Rebecca Molupe Tells Gospel Music Artistes

TOP South African gospel diva Rebecca Malope, who staged shows in Harare and Bulawayo over the weekend, has urged local gospel musicians to complement their artistic talent with education for the betterment of their careers.
She disclosed in exclusive interview during a stage performance at Gospel Divas Concert on Saturday at Harare Gardens.

As artistes we are now living and working in an era in which talent only is no longer sufficient qualification in our careers. While many artistes might pride themselves of the artistic talent, the reality is that there is need to subsidize our talent with qualifications and education is the key,” she said.

Education a mega tool for freedom, every artist is expected to be presentable in terms of education and social affiliations. Education helps you to better  understand your business and it also puts you in a better light even as our world today is hinged on education, knowledge and paper.

The award winning artist noted that she was once a victim of exploitation as result of lack of knowledge and improper handling of deals and projects.
Talking from experience, being educated as an artiste helps one to have an understanding in terms of signing contracts or endorsement deals to avoid being exploited,” she said.
 If you’ve reached a level of education and you are now satisfied, then you’re making a huge mistake. Go for more, advance in your career by making progress education-wise. This is the only way you can remain relevant in your career and the world.


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