Article: “The Strength of Leadership” By Peace Harrison


MEMORY VERSE: “And Solomon the son of David was Strengthened in his kingdom, and the Lord his God was with him,and magnified him exceedingly”. (2Chr. 1:1 KJV) 
TEXT: 2Chr 1:1, Deut 31:23
The strength referred to in this context isn’t the physical strength one must possess to move around, say a thing or perform an activity as a leader. This Strength is that firm grip God places in us all as leaders to be able to live and lead exemplarily. As the call for leadership is for everyone of us, we should think of ways to get God to strengthen us in our areas weaknesses while we strive to bring out the best in others and also  for us all to attain the pattern of true leadership as Jesus taught and lived.
Leading an exemplary life requires divine strengthening and enrichment to be successful and one using his physical strength and knowledge is bound to fail.
To attain divine strength for leadership, these can make ways:
1. We should be effective in Praying to God daily.
2. Study God’s word regularly to build your inner strength.
3. Persevere in praying and studying – the key 
4. Do not compromise in the sacrifice of effective praying and studying.
In 1Chr.29:1-30 (KJV,) David prayed, offered great sacrifices unto God and led the people of the Kingdom to offer sacrifices to God willingly from their hearts and led them to praise God. Then he also prayed to God concerning Solomon and his leadership will (vs 19). This led to the strength Solomon possessed from God (1Chr1:1), hence his greatness.

In conclusion, consider the ways to attain divine strength from God as stated earlier and we will be magnified greatly by him to bring out the best in others where ever we lead.
PRAYER: Heavenly Father, please give me the grace to persevere in praying and studying your word, so as to receive great strength from you to lead an exemplary life in Jesus’ Name. Amen! 
FURTHER STUDY: 1Chr 29:1-30, Deut 31
By Peace Harrison

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