Be Consoled: “Let Not Your Hearts Be Troubled” (A Must Read) By Abigail Dagono

Memory Verse: Do not let your heart be troubled; believe in God, believe also in Me. In my Father’s house are many dwelling places; if it were not so, I would have told you; for I go t prepare a place for you. JOHN 14:1
The word troubled means cast down and disquieted.  Let your hear not be trouble means  Let your heart be kept with full trust in God.  Many believers are overwhelmed with the sorrows of this present time. They tend to be more worried in every little uncomfortable situation they find themselves.
As Christ’s disciples, we should keep our minds quiet more than just normal Christian, hence everything else that seem unquiet in your life.
Causes of troubled mind include:
Fear of tomorrow.
Lack of faith and trust in Gods word.
Unreasonable prayer life.
Too much trust in man’s ability to help us.

All these reasons can cause us as believers to have troubled heart. We so mush put our trust in things of the world but always scared of its effects on our lives as Christians.
Remedy against troubled mind:
Believe. By believing in Christ as the Mediator between God and man, we gain comfort.
Word, Prayers And Fasting. By prayer and fasting we tend to kill the flesh and glorify the spirit man. Through prayers our faith keep increasing and our anxiety keep reducing.
Forgive. When we forgive others from our heart, we tend to gain fresh air of peace in our heart.
Living the worries to God. The bible say let tomorrow worry for itself. God always provide what ever we need for the day.
When in doubt always ask question. Question solve more problem faster than troubling yourself.
Trust in man. The Bible say woe is he that put jis trust in man. Man can fail you at any point in time. In order to avoid troubling your mined you must learn to put your trust only on God.
In as much as it is not easy to stop worrying or troubling our minds, we also need to understand that God is always able and willing to see us through the good times and bad times. Worrying can only cause more harm than good to us. As Christians let’s learn to let go and let God. Permit God in your troubled heart today, no matter how hard it is for you, God is always willing to help you. Call on Him and watch Him do wonders in your life.
PRAYERS: Father we thank You for your word that you have brought to us, as your children humble themselves to pray I ask that you deliver them from every hidden trouble in their life and heart in Jesus Name, Amen. Pray it seriously in your closets. Happy new months, and have a trouble free heart months.
REFERENCE: John 14:1 ;14:27

By: Dagono Abigail


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