Nathaniel Bassey Applauds Catholic Church (See Why)

It is today that the church has drifted from the pattern which Christ has laid. The pattern of true love and fellowship, attending to the needs of anyone called after the name of Jesus, we read in the Bible how the apostles distributed to the necessity of everyone. That’s what Christ expects of us as true Christians even in this age.

But the reverse is the case as we see the negative happening everyday all around us. The worse of this issue is how evil keeps doubling in the face of the high rate of the proliferation of churches in every neighborhood.

As Nathaniel Bassey noted, Catholic Church has been given to caring for the social, health, economic needs of the people. It’s not enough to keep preaching and preaching all the day long without corresponding action to back up your claims. “Christianity is not mere claims, but a practice” a pastor noted.

I salute the catholic church for their role in providing top notch education. A lot of their schools I know around are fantastic. Plus good and affordable health care. I remember using their hospital a couple of times and never once did they ask if I was catholic. Even Muslims go there. And are attended to like every one else. This is kingdom and worth emulating” –Nathaniel Bassey

Church leaders aside making sure their congregation is rightly set for heaven, they should also be mindful of the social needs of the people. It’s a loss to be heavenly minded and become earthly useless. It’s equally a loss to be earthly useful and miss out going to heaven.

Think on these words and be wise. Moderation is key to achieving this. Remain eternally blessed of God. Amen.


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