Please Support Your Musicians, Nathaniel Bassey Tells Pastors

A grounded Nathaniel Bassey, a sought after gospel musician has given his word to church leaders and Pastors over what I see as laxity and lack of interest in the development of youths in the aspect of music. I see that if church leaders and Pastors do not encourage their youths and develop them properly, the devil through the world will. I stumbled on this, it touched me and I felt I should bring this on so we all can see the need to help the teeming youths in the aspect of music especially those who show concern.
Minister Nathaniel wrote thus… (without the slightest editing)
My dear and wonderful pastors, I celebrate you all.

Please support and mentor your musicians. Truth of the matter is that, by the grace of God, I’m here today because, in addition to other peoples’ support – (especially my elder sister MERCY FIDERIKUMO who prayed with her friends for one full year after God revealed my path to them) I had a pastor who believed in me. He believed in me so much he virtually forced me to practise daily. He bought musical instruments and materials for me to do so. Above all, He was a mentor and father, who didn’t just see me as an “instrumentalist”, but a minister in the making. Pastor Eskor Mfon. He was a man sent from God to me. Today, by his grace, I’m a joy of many. And im sure i have been a blessing to your own church somehow.
Now, there are many other Nathaniel Basseys out there. Lots of Diamonds, though in the rough. But it takes greatness to identify greatness, which i know you all have. I know some of us musicians can be a handful, but as God gives you the grace, please take that step.
I remember when some people would report us to pastor for things we had done wrong, and sometimes expect him to sack us, he’d scold us so well, and sometimes rightly punish, but he always said “LEAVE THEM ALONE”, THEY ARE GOING SOMEWHERE. Truth is even we ourseles didnt know where we were going, or that we were even going somehere. But this man was a prophet. He would always say, im not a woli o(prophet), But today i know he was. He later went to be with the Lord.
Then God compensated me with another father, PASTOR BEN AKABUEZE. His approach is different, nevertheless not less effective. God has used him to take me and my ministry to the very next level. He has since helped to bring out other giftings I never knew i had. I think one of my greatest blessings having men and women like this in my life. And i never take this for granted. I do not worship them, but i honour them. And for the young people who argue about honouring men like this, sure you know me, I do not give to men what is exclusive to God, but I also know that God in his ways of doing things, uses men and women to help us. And despising men can mean despising God’s hand in our lives.

So I call on every church leader out there, to emulate these great men in my life. People talk a lot how their pastors are their problem, honestly, I don’t know what that means. Mine have been angels and destiny helpers. God bless you all.
God bless you more Bro Nath. I celebrate  you.


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