Frank Edwards Did What Brymo Could Not Do @BrymOlawale @Frankrichboy

It was not long that one of Nigeria’s celebrities Brymo almost frustrated a young school boy who was having difficulty meeting his school needs at the time. Brymo’s response generated a lot of concerns from fans all over the world but especially Nigeria. Twitter most especially and other social networking sites were shaken as a result of this.
But just yesterday, we got an amazing response from Frank Edwards, one of Nigeria’s gospel music celebrity which is a contrast to Brymo’s assumed advice he gave to that young school boy.

This update is not in any way trying to demean any body’s personality or being biased, but only to point out who is a real Nigerian with a good heart. However, you’re entitled to your opinion.

Perhaps, Brymo thought he was helping the young man by advising him to drop out of school and chase his dreams just as he (Brymo) did sometimes ago that made him a celebrity today. Little did he know that destinies are peculiar to individuals.
Perhaps, his dream is become a Neuro-surgeon, how could that dream be pursued outside school? Future impossible. 😂 😂 😂
God’s love in you will make you do amazing things that God will bless more. Between Frank Edwards and Brymo, who’s the good Nigerian?

Disclaimer: This is not news. Treat it the way you’re seeing it. I am a fan of both Brymo and Frank Edwards.


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