Freshout Music: Alpha – ” Big Things” ft Teddy King |@Shikaanalpha |@Teddyiorwuese

“Big Things” talks about the dominion and Authority we exercise as believers. It’s a Takeover mentality. This song is a movement and is dedicated to the fathers of faith who have walked, lived and taught the Faith Principles, especially my own Spiritual Lineage.
Alpha Zoe Shikaan is a Compelling Singer/Songwriter and praise worship Leader who hails from Benue State in Nigeria. 
A graduate of Electrical electronics Engineering, Alpha is also a sound teacher of God’s word. He believes that he is called to lift Jesus up! through his diverse talents and gifting. He says ” I believe that man can’t save man but when Jesus is lifted up he will draw all men to himself. ” 
Alpha began singing in the Children’s choir at an early age of Four with older siblings Ruth and Steven, and the boys made music from Pot covers and buckets at home. 
Alpha currently serves as worship leader at Spirit Life Christian Assembly, Makurdi. He enjoys working on graphics and motion designs for himself, other artists and clients as leisure.


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