Daily Manna Today- “God’s Awesome Power” By Pastor WF Kumuyi

KeyVerse“Which commandeth the sun, and it riseth not; and sealeth up the stars. Which doeth great things past finding out; yea, and wonders without number” (Job 9:7, 10).

Text: JOB 9:1-11

Great is God’s faithfulness and I will fear no evil about the future. There is no room for the word disappointment in the happy life of entire trust in Jesus and satisfaction with His glorious will” -Frances Ridley Havergal. God has power and whatever He has is without limit. Therefore God is Omnipotent, Infinite, and Almighty.

Daily Manna Today

Our text reveals the unquantifiable power of He over nature. He removes mountains, shakes the earth and its pillars through earthquakes. The sun and the stars function in accordance with His dictate. He single-handedly spreads out the heavens and subdues the waves of the sea. He also performs marvels beyond human comprehension. All these He does without prompting from any quarter.

Wisdom demands that no man should do anything contrary to this great God of heaven and earth because nobody can be against Him and prosper.

Therefore, there is no reason in then world why a true believer in Christ should be timid of making it in life or afraid God can’t keep them. God keeps the stars in their courses and the planets in their orbits. The galaxy – a massive ensemble of hundreds of millions of stars – is the vast display of His might and He sustains it by His power. Surely, God can and will keep you. Trust Him when bark doubts assail you. Trust Him when your strength is small. And trust Him when everything seems to have failed. He will not disappoint. When your come to your wit’s end, then will the strong arms of the Lord surface. God is worth trusting till the very end.

THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: God is a circle whose centre is everywhere, and its circumference is nowhere!


Source: Daily Manna Devotional is a publication of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry led by Pastor WF Kumuyi. 


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