Must Read Article – “I Could Never Have Come Close” By Chibugom Favour

He did it on purpose! He drew my attention, He knew His beauty and charm was irresistible. How on earth could someone with more than a perfect profile as this be available? I seriously wondered. Then I wondered if it was awkward to make d first move.

But as I turned to go closer He started down towards my direction. Wow! At that point my heart began racing, my palms where already sweaty, everything on the inside of me seemed to turn  loose at each step He took. For a moment I was unsure if He was coming for me because I was certain that nothing in my physical appearance suggested my desire.I could never have come close by chibugom Favour Each of his step was deliberately taken and his eyes never went off me like I was a trophy he coveted. At that point I knew without a doubt that my desire came through. He had an effect on me that was beyond physical! His countenance appealed to my soul his eyes revealed the purity of his intentions.

As he finally took that last step that brought him about thirty inches away I realized that He deliberately chose that side closest to my view so he could catch my attention.

His smile was priceless and His eyes revealed a million words of love saying “your accepted no matter what”. Just then I was certain almost immediately that my heart belongs there forever.
I made a move but he made it possible and He came all the way!!

Say a quiet yes to God and he’ll be there in no time. (James 4:8a Msg)⁠⁠⁠⁠


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