New Article: “From My View: If Only” (A Must Read)

Phew! “it’s already 3pm” I sighed. How time flies on days you decide to rest I thought to myself. I had to still pack my things and ensure that I left nothing behind for my trip the next day. I couldn’t deny the fact that I was nervous about the journey. The opportunity I prayed hard for had finally come and my ticket was already booked to UK for my masters.

The life of a young lady can be tiring at times; to imagine that I spent six hours just to get my hair braided still annoyed me. Walking down the street as fast as I could though hungrily was the best I could do to beat time.
Getting to the gate, almost famished from the long hours of sitting in the saloon and trekking down the dusty road that led to my house, all I wanted was just to enter the house.

It was five minutes already since I got to the gate and I was  still outside knocking to the best of my ability yet without any response.  “Now that’s it! My anger is obviously excusable” I thought. Am hungry, am tired and it’s my house am being denied access to go into.

Oh! let me just get a hold of that stupid person, who was probably sleeping while I was waiting outside under the hot sun and knocking so loudly that my knuckles already hurt. I couldn’t wait to see the unlucky fellow who would be my victim.

The anger kept building up by each passing moment. I was really pissed that I  barely responded to the greetings of  familiar faces passing by. It even seemed like I was more eager to vent my anger than to enter inside the house.
Just then I heard the loud  noise that came with the unbolting of the gate and I leaped up immediately from my sloppy position to see who my first victim was going to be because I was determined to take it out on all who were in the house one after the other. On seeing aunty Betty my neighbour I  cursed under my breath because she was older. She has just opened the gate after ten minutes of hard knocking without even an apology! Now that was aslo very annoying.

As I was walking up to the front door still brooding on the response to give I heard someone say “good afternoon” turning to the left was my younger cousin standing beside me; without even replying I rested my knuckles  heavily on his head because he obviously was outside all the while I was knocking. I managed my anger still muttering under my breath and entered the house through the front door only to hear a loud chorus of “surprise”. Wow! it was my birthday eve but they organized a farewell party since I was traveling the following day. They were all engrossed with the arrangements that my knock seemed untimely and almost a spoil of the show they were preparing. I then realised that my cousin was sent outside to monitor the entrance to the house while they put things in its place. At that point I felt so disapointed in my self for my harsh reactions. The time that seemed wasted to me was actually a sacrifice of love on their path just to see me smile and make me happy.

If only I chose the peace of God while waiting, if only I chose a quiet song to worship, if only I remembered my favourite verse, if only I smiled and responded to the greetings of neighbours passing by, if only I took that ten minutes  to be thankful. If only I heeded the voice of the spirit that encourages us to patient yet joyful, if only I recalled the passage that says i shouldn’t be unwise but make good use of every opportunity.

If only I remembered the very words of James1:19-20  which says “You know this, my dearly-loved brethren. But let every one be QUICK to HEAR, SLOW to SPEAK, and SLOW to be ANGRY, For a man’s anger does not lead to action which God regards as righteous.”


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  1. Lovely!!!
    The inability to exercise restraint and patience in a seemingly uncomfortable situation is a pointer to the fact that self has won control over a person. At that point of discomfort it’s all about I, me and myself. This is a reminder for us to stay calm in the face of all the distractions and watch His love unfold. Patience is still a fruit of the Spirit.

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