Solemn Whispers – “Conduct of Personal Prayer” By Lubem Imoko 

MEMORY VERSE:”And when he had sent the multitudes away, he went up into a mountain apart to pray: and when the evening was come, he was there alone. ” (Mat 14:23 – KJV)
Text: Mat 6:5-6; Acts 10:30-31

In the Lords prayer, Jesus showed us that praying is an act of fellowship with God. Sadly, He saw that the purpose of prayers was lost – instead of God being the focus, it was now for men to see (Mat 6:5). 
Note firstly, that one needs to remember that God looks at the intent of our hearts.

Solemn Whispers Devotional

Secondly, prayers should be done in places void of distractions and noise, so that in the quietness of our minds, God can speak. 
I have come to discover that you have not really prayed until you have listened. I don’t know if I have a witness. Cornelius was just loving God in the place of Prayers and an angel was sent to him with a message from the Lord. 

God is not dumb; He speaks to his children when they pray.

Lastly, Jesus had a time he would spend with the Lord daily. Anything that is important in your life will have a special time allocated for. Having a set time and place, helps us to be more consistent and purposeful in prayers. We should not make it look as though we were under the law. The Spirit of the Lord is still in charge and we should submit to Him every time and anywhere He calls. 

Jesus has taught us to pray, so pray every prayer that works for you best and our father who sees in secret, will reward you openly. 

PRAYER: Father, help me to get my priorities right in order to be effective in prayers in Jesus’ Name (Amen). 

REFERENCED SCRIPTURES: Matt 6:5-6, Acts 10:30-31, mat 14:23. 

Source: Solemn Whispers Daily Devotional is a publication of Solemn Whispers Christian Group. 


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