World Class Footballer Openly Declares Jesus Christ 

World Class Footballer Openly Declares Jesus Christ Love is a phenomenon that many philosophers have attempted to define, but have all the times failed to clearly open up the real concept of love. 

Love is a concept that has an unknown scope, trying to find out the meaning will amount to a total waste of time. The only way to find out its deepest meaning is to practice it! 

Who has the perfect show of love? Jesus has been the only Man who has shown the perfect and greatest love of all time, the kind of love that its flames are unquenchable. He expects that from us.

How do we show this kind of perfect love to people and to Jesus Himself? First and foremost, we must understand the depth of His love for us. If the value of a thing is not known, misuse is bound to take place. We must understand this before we will know how to appropriately reciprocate His love for us. Below are some five(5) ways we can show how much we love God in return. 

1. Keeping His laws. If you love someone, you will do everything to please him or her even when it demands making a costly sacrifice. Christ showed that to us when he came and died on the Cross at calvary the only way to show how grateful we are is to respect his wish and key into his demands. Here is he says in John 14:15, “if you love me, you will keep my commandments“.  Let us keep his commands, this is the only way we can show how much we love Him. 

2. Openly declare your love for him. Openly declare your love for Him. Anywhere you find yourself, show to the world where you belong. 

World Class Footballer Openly Declares Jesus Christ If you belong to Jesus, publicly declare and let everyone know about it. But we see today that many are ashamed to tell the world about their faith in Jesus.(in Him, all things consist). 

3. Help Others. Let your daily living be that of helping others get out of whatever they maybe passing through. 

“People live with fine faces and fine cloths. Move close to them and you will discover what depth of frustration they are having.”

Many people are living with poverty, worries, fear of the future, broken and shattered relationships and the likes. Get to their aid. 

4. Be an evangelist. You must do the work of an evangelist. Preach to others about JESUS. The coming King. Win them to Christ. Be aware that heaven must be populated whilst depopulating hell. There is a reward for those who adhere to these instructions. 

5. Live the life. This summarises everything. Whatever you do, this covers everything. That is, if you miss out in this aspect, note that you have failed in all areas. Therefore, keep in mind and make it a point of duty that you will live your life for God. 

We have in this article seen some five(5) ways we can show how much we love God. Do you think these steps are worth taking and what other ways do you think we can practically show to God how much we love Him. We love to hear and learn of them from you, do kindly share them in the comments.

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