Adrienne Bailon Reveals How She Got Romantically Involved With Israel Houghton

Adrienne Bailon Reveals How She Got Romantically Involved With Israel Houghton

When Israel Houghton and Adrienne Bailon announced that they were romantically involved, it caused quite an uproar with both getting backlash from everywhere… literally!
Adrienne Bailon and Israel Houghton dated for only six month before they got engaged. The bride-to-be revealed on Hollywood Today Live how she knew she wanted to spend the rest of her life with the Christian singer.
“We were friends for three years before. And I think that makes a big difference… being older, you kind of know what you want. I think when you’re younger you have to date around, kind of see what you like, what you don’t. There’s different things, honestly, from different people I’ve dated that I’m like, ‘I love this quality, don’t love that quality so much.’”
Adrienne Bailon said they were more focused on friendship than being romantically involved, the later only happened because of the former.
“We never thought we’d end up together, which allows you not to have your representative there. When you like somebody and you’re going into the relationship liking them, you have ulterior motives,” she said. “We’d hang out with a bunch of friends and I would say ridiculous things out of my mouth that I probably wouldn’t say if I really liked him. And he got to know the real me and I love that.”
Adrienne also told People Magazine that she was setting him up with friends when he started  dating again, after his divorce.
“When he got officially divorced and started dating again, I immediately started to set him up with my friends. He didn’t think they’d want to go out with him but I told him, ‘Don’t be silly. You have a great smile, you’re successful, you’re kind, super witty, funny and smart. Of course they’ll go out with you.’”
After one of Bailon’s friends went on a date with Houghton, the co-host of “The Real,” who is now engaged to the frontman of Israel & New Breed, was offended that her friend didn’t see his potential.
“I was so offended. I was like, ‘What do you mean he’s not your type,” Bailon recalled saying. “He’s got the best smile, brows of a god, his skin basically glows and he plays mad instruments. It doesn’t get any better than that!’”
This led her friend to question why Bailon wasn’t dating Houghton instead of trying to set him up with other people. What began as a three-year friendship later blossomed into something more.
“He’s my favorite person ever, so I knew I always wanted him in my life forever. I told him, ‘We can give this a shot, but only if we promise we’ll still be friends no matter what’”, She told People Magazine

Source: Christian Post


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