New Article: “Royalty Met With Slavery” By Chibugom Favour

“Hey get up!” The loud scruffy voice along with a hard thug on my right arm jolted me out of my horrible nightmare. That certainly looked nothing like a “dream” as people call it. If it was, then surely It wasn’t needed. To think that my misery had caught up with me even in my subconscious sent shivers down my spine. “Now go in there and do as you are told. Make sure he is pleased or you suffer”. Those words were as dirty and as smelly as the breadth it came from; which was directly targeted at my nostrils.

New Article: "Royalty Met With Slavery" By Chibugom Favour

Hahaha, came his mock laughter as he released his grip on my right hand and pushed me back down from where he had picked me [the cold hard floor]. The wicked laughter continued behind the closed door. As he walked out, I just felt a surge of fresh helplessness and it was unfortunate that I had never known a better life. But for how long?

A thousand thoughts ran through my mind but none suggested freedom. The cycle of weakness, helplessness, hunger, and pain was seemingly unending. Yes,  true we had “fun days” but afterward nothing changed the reality of a life I called slavery. The fun had a way of camouflaging our emptiness, dirtiness, lust and vain pleasures than never lasted. Sadly, I never knew a better life.

There was just this hunger that our exquisite banquets had failed to fill, a longing that even years of intimate joining with human bodies had failed to quench. The ache was more than just physical.

I rose up each morning knowing that I must do whatever my wicked master desired of me and the thought what will be will be was my highest hope. I often thought about rebellion too, but I was just too cowardly to think further. Besides, who will be my ally?

On the surface, nothing seemed wrong with such a life because no one in our kingdom knew any other kind of life and we were all in this together one word to describe our life was “Darkness“.

The day was quite sunny, I hardly ever noticed such or even appreciated it. It meant nothing to me and today was no different. I gradually walked down to my to usual spot, and with every step came fresh pains from my many bruises. I was terribly shivering from the cold wind that was harshly sweeping up my shabby clothes.

I felt alone, I had always been a victim in life and nothing excited me anymore I thought to myself  “if that’s all what life was about, then I want out!”

I was aware of the pleasure master derived from the suicide report of his victims. At first, I wondered what the excitement was about, but over time I cared less. He often said, “one, dead with us is better than those fools alive”. I detested being referred to as a fool but today, that his favorite quote began to hunt me. “I would never give him a reason to rejoice over me!” I said to my myself. So I carefully put away the thought of taking my life. Could it be that there was a way out? I thought as I sobbed hard.

We were programmed to be hostile to anyone outside our kingdom. Especially the kingdom called LIGHT; because that was the kingdom we kept losing a great number of people too. I had seen some leave in the past and the reaction of our master was that of sheer anger and frustration; I wondered the worth of just one person when he still had a lot with him.

Out there alone in the cold, tired of a life void of love and care and subject to darkness and slavery, I just kept weeping. I had wept to my fill when I lifted my swollen red-eyed and noticed One from afar, One fine in every sense and desirable. Obviously wealthy and the charisma around him suggested that He was One with authority and great influence. One word to describe him was, Light!

I was supposed to get up and show hostility or at least flee because we were warned to never get close enough. But I had nothing left in me, I was exhausted from pain and probably too much crying.

The great sparkle of his garment clearly indicated light. The entire environment lit up from the light that came from Him. Immediately I saw this, I hid behind the Gmelina tree close by at least if I couldn’t run, I could hide.  Everything about His countenance suggested that I was no match.

Though I was tired of my life I would rather stay with my master than die in the presence of this great one whose he countenance intimidated me. I was sure any enemy would have felt the same way. I wasn’t ready to die! I  drew comfort from the thought that there were still a great number of us in darkness and I wasn’t suffering alone.

My heart raced seriously because I had never seen anyone in that manner. I tried desperately to still my breath and the stop the chattering of my teeth from cold so I would not be found out. With my eyes shut and my face buried in my both palms, I rested my covered face on the tree and wished to be invisible.

Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder and sincerely I thought to myself this is the end! I heard a voice saying, “nothing is hidden from Light”. I almost passed out! How could he have found me in the midst of tree?  how could he have come close, I was darkness, I was dirty and I stunk.

I saw bright light all over me and a voice that sounded like none other saying “come over to light”. wow! The light came to meet darkness and there and then it dawned on me that I had been on the wrong side all along. I sadly realized that slavery was only a choice. Suddenly, scales fell off my eyes. I saw how joyful it was on the other side almost like a flash of lightning or probably a vision it was really a quick one. But I saw it was more glorious to dwell in Light.

So I followed, just then I heard an echo from behind mockingly saying “you are mine” I ran cold feet at that point, but then I noticed that the king as I clearly thought he was, was neither disturbed nor moved so I steadied myself. I saw an obvious air of superiority and that kept me from running back to my former master. Wow! it felt good to think of him as “former”. So I decided to turn behind the king for covering. Just then, he held my shoulders firmly and asked me to look up at Him. Woosh! It was indeed an amazing sight.

At first, I couldn’t. Something in my head told me I was unworthy; Then as if he read my mind he said “ I qualified you, look, my daughter, look!” he said again. Wow, wow could that really be me? daughter? Did I hear well?. This was a word I had never heard all my life. His words reassured me, so I dared to look, and in his blazing eyes was a love and acceptance such as I have never known. I noticed his crown was made of pure Gold, his eyes sparkled like a campfire and all about Him spoke of royalty.

As my eyes were fixed on him, He placed His crown on my head and immediately one just like the one I was given was replaced on his head. Then he clothed me with his outer clothing, he put his ring on my finger and he gave me his staff.

I was overwhelmed. That moment, I felt royal! Just as he always knew my thoughts he said: “Yes you are royal now”. Everything he gave me was instantly replaced like nothing was lost, he replicated himself in me and remained as radiant as He had ever been. I looked like a new person, I was as radiant as he was. Once again, he replied my thoughts  “yes, you are new”.

Then I asked if all those were mine and he said “yes sure! and it remains yours forever”. Just when I thought that all of it was enough and over. He said to me “Now go to him and tell him that you are not his” I thought to myself “really? won’t this be too much?, why can’t I just go with you in peace?” He knew my thoughts again and replied me almost immediately “your words are important and it is important you speak even though he knows. It will benefit you to use your authority and don’t ever forget this; you are superior to him just as I am”. That instant, I felt I could do anything and I understood that the one who sent me was obviously greater and more importantly I was greater also.   I told myself “ I will never really know anyway if I don’t try it”.

So I stood right where I was and with a loud audacious tone I said: “I am not yours then I added and I never will!” He stood right there before me and his reaction amazed me. He trembled and fled! wow.

His servants around where confused not knowing what was actually happening then I repeated my self and they all fled as well.  It was the most amazing feeling in the world. I looked as excited as a child trying out a new toy because just a few moments ago I was subject to that powerless being.

Then my king beaming with pride and administration said to me “you did well, always never give room to the enemy, it is in your place to put him where he belongs”. Precious words indeed. Words I knew I would always cherish.

I went back with my king and he sounded it in my ears “YOU ARE NO LONGER A SLAVE TO ANYONE OR ANYTHING YOU ARE MY CHILD, ALL AUTHORITY IS GIVEN TO YOU AND NOTHING SHALL BY ANY MEANS HURT YOU BECAUSE I LOVE YOU. More than ever I realized that in our kingdom we were born free and we were born to reign.

Luke 10:19 Behold, I have given you authority to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy: and nothing shall in any wise hurt you.

But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to become children of God, to those who believe in His name: John 1:12 NKJV



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