Event: White Worship: An Awakening to Pure Worship Lifestyle with Martins Ashiekaa 

If there is anything one can offer to God, it’s pure worship that emanates from the deepest part of a man’s soul, because the soul is connected to the spirit, it ascends to the throne of God. Just as it’s indicated in the holy book,…they that worship must do that in truth and in spirit. 

The event White Worship is an Awakening to a life of pure worship. 

As tagged, White Worship, pure wholesome worship. 

It’s a place to be at this time as it’s going to be electrifying with all your favourite music artists. 

The venue, date and time is reflected on the picture above and below. 

The programme is a brainchild of Pastor Martins Ashiekaaa soulful mic professional holder. You don’t have to miss this awesome event. Be there. 


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