Press Release: Makurdi Night of Expression 2017 

It’s about that again for the manifestation of the sons of God. A time set aside for the supernatural explosions from the realm of the Spirit. When God wants to work, He looks for a man He will use, and in these ones He has found worthy vessels to  bear His Ark. 

About Makurdi Night of Expression

Night of Expression is an initiative of a burdened servant of God, Pastor Ter Shami to create a road map for the free inflow and expression of God’s word for a lasting effect on the live of every man, woman, boy and girl within Makurdi and its environ. Just as the Bible says that, the word of God does not come  and go without leaving a mark on its hearers, this is exactly what night of expression is all about.

According the converner, Pastor Ter Shami, 

We want to ensure that via this event, God will help His children to be fertile grounds where the very word of  God will find full expression as preached in all churches throughout Makurdi. – Pastor Ter. 

The event this time is superb. The night is a night of varieties as hungry and thirsty souls tarry all night  in wholesome worship, word, praise, testimonies and lots more. To bring this in full effectiveness, there are going to be thirty (30) music acts doing it live with ample time to get the word of God fully expressed in the lives of the participants and Benue citizens in its entirety.

The countdown to this revolutionary event has just begun and I, personally can no longer wait to in attendance. I don’t know about you. 

The whole information regarding this event are found on the bill below: 

The wonderful faces of the ministers above are amazing. I’m just thinking, maybe I should introduce them in my next post, at least their names. 98% of them are Benue resident, wow! Did I shock you? 😀😀😀😀

See you in the next article about Makurdi Night of Expression. 

Surprises! Your town might be next to experience the Night of Expression. 


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