The Painful Aftermath of Valentine’s Day Celebration 

Well, good day to you beautiful people. How was the Valentine’s Day celebration? Worth celebrating soonest I guess.
I understand many had fun, be it negative or positive, fun is fun right? But of course consider  the aftermath. 

I have discovered that Facebook is cold today unlike yesterday that our notification tab was restless receiving notices from every quarter about “Who will be my val?” “where to spend the val’s day” and all ‘sexy’  photos and seductive posing. 

I ask again, how was the celebration?
To as many that spent their Val’s Day in the presence of Jah, I celebrate y’all. Can you come now and think with me? 

Think of the number of those who are wounded. Think of the number of those who strayed.  Think of the number of those who are registered and booked for the “second chance” list. 

The coldness and quietness we have on facebook today and which will continue  for sometime are not unconnected to how many are the number of those wounded at the instance of the activities of yesterday. 

Hello sir/ma, can I talk to you? Those persons are on the second chance list, sure you know what that means. 

To as many that are wounded, JESUS has a second chance for you. But who are the wounded? 

* The deceived
* The disflowered (disvirgined) 
* Those who tasted alcohol 
* Those attended a club
* Those who are initiated into bad groups
* Those who are possessed of the demons. 
And many more who are the wounded in one way or the other. 

I’m glad to tell you that there is a second chance. And that’s with JESUS. But permit me to say that you’re no longer original, you are now a shadow of yourself. The experiments of yesterday made you so. 

I know you’re regretting now. But it’s better off you quickly sign the document that certifies you to qualify for the list. And that’s with JESUS. 

Can I beg you to accept this personal offer? Please take it. Though you’re no longer original, but the second chance is good enough. And that’s with JESUS. 
How do you get the form? Meet Jesus. How do you meet Him? Simple as ABC
Accept Him and Acknowledge you’re wounded. 

Believe that despite your wound, He can heal you, and give you another life. (though new, but not out-of-factory product). 

Confess your disobedience and waywardness and forsake them. (implies no going back to doing them anymore). 

There you are. Were you wounded? Please take that to heart and answer it with your God.

Remain eternally blessed. 


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