​I Regret Criticizing Catholic Church – Rev. Patrick Edet

The man everybody is talking about at the moment, Reverend Patrick H. Edet has opened up that he regrets criticizing the Roman Catholic Church. He said he regrets his actions because he didn’t have to, saying he sometimes feel guilty after criticizing the church and its doctrine.Excerpts below…
“I regret any moment I openly criticize the Catholic Church because I didn’t have to. Sometimes saying things I didn’t have to say. I realized this because my heart has moved on.

Then I used to say I didn’t have to and sometimes I used to feel guilty thereafter. Part of the reasons I had to speed up my leaving is that I don’t have to end up causing more harm to the system that had given me opportunity to reach where I am today. I will live forever grateful. From the moment I gave my resignation, my conscience is so clear and I have so much peace in my soul. For the 11 years and 6-7months I have been a Catholic priest, I never worked in any place seeking what I wanted. Anywhere I have ever been posted to I never ate food from the place without giving to the place. Any place that I ever worked I always left the place better than I met.

 I have never fully done what expected me to do because I have made several mistakes, some known by people, some never known by man but only known by God. I used to travel to Lagos to honour mass appointment and the offering would be N800 (eight hundred Naira). I have driven from Port Harcourt, from Aba, Owerri just to come and celebrate mass and the offering would be less than N500 (five hundred Naira). I have never worked for me.

When I was called, I didn’t have anything. I just want to say thank you to the God who saved me. There are many people in Catholic Church who never believed in me and who stopped people from associating with me. They were right because I never really fit in to their own standard and judgment. And there are many people who believed in me. They were right because they saw that I was speaking the truth and I believed in God.

“I will always be a companion, a teacher if you give me permission. For all those who followed me because of being a Catholic priest, they were just religious fans. I always believed and I always discouraged those who tell me I am proud of you as a Catholic priest because I have never really seen myself as a Catholic priest. I have always seen myself as a messenger of God’s word and I should be relevant to every church, every denomination and every religion. And so for those who followed me because of church, I love you. I will always miss the company we had. I hope one day you will see me beyond church. And we will be able to sit again, and we will talk. I will never ask anybody to join my church. And in the future I will never ask anybody to leave his church. It will always be about Jesus in our meetings, in our gatherings. And for those who actually believed in me and followed me because they believe that I have the word of God, I welcome you to the new level where we will sit down and study the word of God and preach without any fear that somebody is monitoring what we say and report to authorities for judgment. I am so happy that I’m free. I am so free to know God, to love God and to serve God and to listen to God first and to trust God that when I die He alone will judge me. All of us shall stand and answer for ourselves. For those who rejoice that I have left, I think the best thing to rejoice about is that your names are written in the book of life. I wish that everybody will seek to know God and serve God. That all of us shall stand on the day of judgment and receive approval and we will rejoice together, no longer as those who watch out for the fall of others but as coworkers in the community of God in heaven.”

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