DOWNLOAD Christmas Song By Oase Ft Spillz & V. I. Preacher Plus Instrumental

Christmas is a special season where gifts are exchanged because CHRIST came to us as a seed. It is a special time all over the world. Get in and feel the cooling wind and sound of Christmas.DOWNLOAD Christmas Song By Oase Ft Spillz & V. I. Preacher Plus InstrumentalOASEMUZIK has some of her best music acts on this. Oase the reggae king, V. I. Preacher the rapper, singer, producer and sound engineer with Spillz (Nu Anointing masterpiece) the rapper and singer came together to remind you of the essence of Christmas and to prophesy blessings on you.


CHRISTMAS is a timeless song with great anointing to bless you.
Be kind to share with friends and foes after downloading.

There is an addition for all musicians. Find the instrumental of the song below and download it. Come to OASEMUZIK studio and record your version of Christmas Song at a very low pocket-friendly price this season.


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