Solemn Whisper Devotional: “It Is More Dangerous To Give Up Than To Press On”

By Godwin Owulo


Thursday, 14th December, 2017.


Memory Verse: “Jesus replied, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for service in the kingdom of God”. (Luke 9:62).

Solemn Whisper Devotional:

Giving up seems the easiest thing to do in the face of trials and temptation. We find people, at the verge of their breakthroughs either giving up on themselves or on God. This is highly dangerous to our Christian race. We must keep pushing until we see results. The only time we’re allowed to give up is when we see those results.

In Luke 18, Jesus gave a parable of the persistent widow and how she was given justice in the end. I want us to consider some salient truths:

When you give up, you lose everything – why don’t you hold on?

The devil will paint the whole picture and make it look like God doesn’t answer prayers, but hey! They’re lies from the pit of hell. He does!

The darkest time in your life is just the break of dawn – and remember, weeping may endure just for the night. It takes persistence to hold onto God and trust him. Do so!

Affliction comes upon those who truly love God and “shun evil” (Job 1:1) and on those who have a calling in their lives (example, Moses and Jesus had similar story). But we must learn to confess that “everything is all right” (2 Kings 4:26).
Only those who endure to the end shall wear the crown of life. (James 1:12). Don’t you think you should also hold on?

It’s very risky to give up. Keep trusting God, keep holding onto His Word and all His promises concerning your life. It’s not over, until you win! God is forever faithful to keep that which you’ve committed onto Him. And remember, if you faint in the days of adversity, that shows your strength is small.

Prayer: Father, give me the grace to hold onto Your word even in the face of difficulties in Jesus name, amen.

Reference: Psalms 30:5, Exodus 1:15, Matthew 2:16, 2 Timothy 1:12, Proverbs 24:1


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