Amazing! Dying 97-year-old Sings ‘How Great Thou Art’ Hymn One Last Time (Video)

‘How Great Thou Art’ is arguably one of the most beautiful hymns ever written. Proclaiming the greatness and glory of the Lord using wonderfully poetic language, it has become an anthem of the global Church. But it also has personal meaning to millions, not least to 97-year-old Robert Earl “Bob” Walters.

In an achingly beautiful video taken by Walter’s granddaughter Melissa Moss, her grandpa could be heard singing the glorious song as he lay in his bed at Ohio Health Mansfield Hospital. Listening to the elderly man declare praises to God during his final moments is something of incredible power – you really can tell that he believes every single word.

“I was blessed to capture a video of my 97-year-old grandpa, as he sang: ‘How Great Thou Art’ from his hospital bed, with dear friends and family,” Moss wrote on Facebook. “The next morning, he went to be with Jesus.”

“I captured the sweetest moment when they were singing a hymn together, just listen to his sweet voice praising Jesus,” Melissa wrote January 12. She then detailed that Robert had gone to be with Jesus shortly afterward. “This morning my precious grandpa got to meet Jesus face to face as he peacefully went home to be with Him, uncle Rick by his side,” Moss wrote.



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