Breaking: United Methodist In The USA Approves Gay Weddings

Two United Methodist Churches have approved the wedding of gay partners in their facilities disregarding the biblical injunction that states marriage should be between a man and a woman and not the other way round.

St. Stephen United Methodist Church and Oak Lawn United Methodist Church, both located in the Dallas area, approved proposals on Sunday to allow for gay weddings at their buildings.

Both churches are already affiliated with Reconciling Ministries Network, a Chicago-based LGBT advocacy group seeking to change the UMC’s stance on homosexuality and gay marriage.

Breaking: United Methodist In The USA Approves Gay Weddings

“Therefore, we the Congregation, agree that the Oak Lawn United Methodist Church should open our doors to support and honor marriages of all couples licensed to be married. We also agree that our church property, including our sanctuary, should be available for all ceremonies of legal marriage,” read Oak Lawn UMC’s resolution in part.

The Rev. Rachel Baughman, senior pastor at Oak Lawn UMC, told The Christian Post that while there was not an official vote tally for the resolution there did exist “an overwhelming consensus of approval for the resolution.”

“We utilized a process called ‘fist to five’ where all members in the room showed their support or disapproval with a show of fingers that expressed a spectrum of approval,” explained Baughman.

“We also divided the room prior to the ‘fist to five’ process to allow the room to express what the differing positions on this statement would be.”

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Baughman also told CP that she did not believe Oak Lawn would experience any “backlash or punishment from our denomination because we have not done anything that is in violation of our denomination’s laws by making this statement.”

“Our impasse as a denomination is unfortunate, but as a local church we are in awe of what God is doing in our neighborhood,” added Baughman.

The Rev. Roy Atwood of St. Stephen UMC told CP that they approved their resolution by a vote of 101 in favor to 6 opposed.

“If we do hold a same-sex wedding, receiving a formal complaint would not be surprising,” explained Atwood.

Credit: Christian Post


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