Leah Sharibu: The Modern Day Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego

Only 15 years old and has developed a very strong foundation upon which the faithlessness of this world shall be judged.

In the face of obvious death, she maintained her stand. She was not intimidated by the size and sight of the sophisticated weapons and glaring daggers. I could picture how the heavy gun was pointed at her, I could picture how the sharp knife was put to her throat, I could picture their dangerous faces and bulging eyes fiercely threatening her to death if she does not denounce her faith in God.

1. She could have hidden in the crowd. It’s quite possible to be lost in the crowd of 100 people, become like them, act like them, and stealthily escape humiliation, yet, she was not deterred by anything.

2. She remained separated, although she was among these people, yet, she lived a separate life. Hence she was identifiable.

3. She refuted humiliation, dejection, and rejection. She was insulted, her Jesus was insulted, Christianity was rubbished before her very eyes, yet, she remained strong and true to her Jesus.

5. She was denied meals because on a daily basis, she’s given the option to choose between meals and her Jesus, oh she could not easily give up Jesus for food that perishes.

6. She was bold as a lion, “the righteous is as bold as a lion”. She was fearless, determined to be true to her Jesus in the secret, where no one will ever know in order to save her life. Jesus only can save, “whoever keeps his life shall lose it, but whoever lays down his life for me shall have it, life everlasting.”

Leah Sharibu: The Modern Day Shedrach, Meshack and Abednego
Leah’s mother

What lessons do you learn from the life of Leah? Does her experience charges and challenges you to become a better Christian and live each day to please and glorify the man Jesus you claim to love?

When the temptations and trials of this world befall you, would you still be true to the man Jesus you claim to love?

When no one sees or knows you, would you still be true and faithful to the man Jesus you claim to love?

When that corrupt fellow offers you bribe at your desk in the office, and you remembered your landlord had threatened quit notice on you, you remembered too how your kids are at the verge of been driven home, would you still be true to your Jesus?

When the devil takes your source of happiness away, would you still be true to your Jesus?

On Wednesday, Shekau went to Leah and told her, “today, we are taking all of you back to Dapchi, it’s good news to everyone, but I hope you it’s good news to you too.” Leah girlishly rubbed her face and replied, “yes, my mummy would be happy to see me again after a long time…” Shekau interrupts, “yes, but on one condition, that you become a Muslim from today, a beautiful girl like you should be a Muslim and not a nonsense and stupid Christian. So would you like to become a Muslim so you can go with your friends?” Leah began to sob. Seeing her cry, Shekau left and came back more determined to carry out his devlish assignment.

Shekau came back and met Leah in tears, this time, she didn’t wait for him to ask her, tearfully, she said to Shekau, “sir, I want to go home!” Shekau smiled and thought she has finally agreed, but to his utter dismay and disappointment, she continued, “but I cannot become a Muslim, I am a Christian, I’m born again, I can’t deny Jesus.” Shekau was shocked. He left in fury, came back with one of his lieutenants and handed Leah to him.

While this conversation lasted, the rest of the girls had already entered the vehicles and are ready to take off. Leah looked and at them and tears rolled down her cheek. But her conviction was too strong to defeat her.

Just like the three Hebrew guys, Leah said in her mind that even if God would not save her, she can never deny her Jesus. Till now, Leah is still away with her abductors in wherever God knows in this world.

Leah has exhibited traits that pass for a heroine. Leah truly is heroine of faith.

May God bring her back safely in Jesus name. Amen.


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