One Dapchi Schoolgirl, LIYA SHARUBU, Held Back For Not Denouncing Christian Faith

By Abdulkareem Haruna – One of the Dapchi schoolgirls who would have been the 106th girl to be released was held in captivity because she refused to denounce her Christian faith when she was asked to do so, sources have said.

The girl, named Liya Sharubu, was said to have been held back when she refused to put on the hijab like her other colleagues did during their days in captivity.

One of the freed girls, Khadija Grema, said the girl was warned that she would be held back if she did not accept Islam and profess it publicly.

The girl’s grieving mother fainted and remained in coma after she was informed that her daughter was not released because she refused to denounce her religion.

Let us pray for the safe return of Liya Sharubu back home.


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