Wife of Archbishop Benson Idahosa Lays Fresh Wreaths At Husband’s Tomb 20 Years Later

The 12th of March 2018 makes it exactly 20 years that the patriarch, Archbishop Benson Andrew Idahosa died having mentioned how he was going to die.

Leke Beecroft of Church Gist gave an account of how he finally died having heard from the mouths of those who were present at the time the man of God gave up the ghost.

The Christian community worldwide put into remembrance yesterday to commemorate the bishop’s demise 20 years ago.

Those close to his Mausoleum went there to lay wreaths yesterday.

Archbishop Margaret Idahosa was also there to lay fresh wreaths in the company of many others.

“Yesterday we went to the Mausoleum of my husband Archbishop Benson Idahosa, to lay fresh wreaths. I miss you Darling. Truly the Memory of the Righteous is Blessed. #ArchbishopBAIdahosa #March12th2018 #20Yearslater.” she posted on her Facebook page.


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