Buhari’s Score Sheet is Zero, Bishop David Oyedepo Explodes

Bishop David Oyedepo of Living church worldwide aka Winners Chapel in Sunday service described the government of President Buhari and their promises as mere talks that cannot be worked out. Says score sheet is 0%.

In an excerpt released on Church Gist’s official facebook wall clearly puts the position of the cleric about the state of things under the watch of President Buhari.

The excerpt reads thus…

-Bishop Oyedepo explodes during Sunday service.

Can I tell you my anger against this government? No feeling for human lives. You can’t be destroying the work of my father and I will be happy with you. You know what God said? I am angry with the wicked everyday.

Talk is cheap!
You see where change brought us today since 2015?
The changest change!

“ 1 naira will be one dollar.
Fuel will be sold at 45 naira.
Any responsible government will bring power in 3 months”.

If you bring the scoresheet out, it’s 0%.
Do you want change?
Work it out !

You better wake up so you don’t suffer the Nigerian kind of change.
Theoretical change.

“3 refineries working! (They must be) located in space. Defending killers!

God’s judgement will hit!
If you are happy with what God is angry with, you are ungodly.

Those who have made others childless, wifeless, husbandless, so shall they become!

Do you pray for Armed Robbers?

Evil shall not prevail in Nigeria!

Via Church Gist


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