Why We Built a New Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters – Pastor Kumuyi

Pastor Williams Kumuyi, Founder and General Superintendent of Deeper Life Bible Church has given reasons why a new and magnificent Church was built by the Church.

The new 30,000 capacity headquarters building of the Deeper Life Bible Church in Gbagada will play host to the presence of Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, some state governors and dignitaries within and outside the country as it gets inaugurated on tuesday, 24th of April.

Why we built a new Deeper Life Bible Church headquarters – Pastor Kumuyi

Speaking about the beautiful building, Pastor Kumuyi stated that it was not an advertisement of self or riches but an aim to give God the best. He also made it clear that funds for the project was gotten from members of the Church.

Pastor Kumuyi said:

“I just want to thank God and, at the same time, commend every member of the Deeper Life Bible Church in Nigeria and beyond, for their patience all through the years the project lasted. Their contributions in terms of finance and human resources despite the challenging times have been heart-warming and praise-worthy,” the cleric said.

“The project is not, in any way, an advertisement of self or riches. It is served to accelerate the earnest fulfilment of the Great Commission. There are no riches to advertise anyway because the resources came from all strata of membership of the church. Everyone contributed his or her mite. It was a determination to give God the very best.

“When you read through the scriptures, you find that tabernacles were huge edifices that evoked the aura of the Almighty. When you read about the nature of the building that King Solomon built for God, it was magnificent and befitting of worship of the Owner of the whole universe.

“We in Deeper Life Bible Church believe in preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ and we hope that the new building will attract people who ordinarily may not think of coming to hear the word of God. And the Bible tells us that one soul is greater in value than all the riches of the world put together. So then, if by putting up the building, a soul is saved from the fury of hell fire, we would have achieved God’s goal.”

The completed Church building which lasted 15 years (from 2003) is the 3rd largest completed Church project in Nigeria. The other completed projects are the 50,000 capacity Faith Tabernacle project which lasted from 1998-1999 and The Apostolic Church 40,000 National Temple which lasted from 1984 to 2011.

Nigerian Churches continue to build much larger auditoria which have become the largest in the world and in the next few years will make the afore-mentioned mega buildings seem like child’s play.

Source: Church Gist


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