New Music: “The Prayer” By Fesus Praywell |@officialpraywell

Festus Praywell releases a major single after God clearly instructed him to put a hold to his music ministry, and since 2017, Festus has been waiting in total obedience for further instructions until “The Prayer” came.

New Music:

January 2018 God gave him this song and told him to go ahead and record which he did and since then he has tried severally to drop the song and it’s not been working out for some reasons unknown, first date was January 25th it didn’t work, second date was April 1st still didn’t work but now is the time, THE PRAYER OF PRAYWELL #POP has come to bless this generation, are you desperately in need of something? And it’s not coming? Fix that need in the lines of this song and see what happens to you,

“God has shown me several wonders through the project of this song, testimonies of several families are tied around this song” Praywell

The nations need this song to fix many things, the economy? security? Name them.. the world at large needs this sound. Personally, God has used this song to give me countless testimonies, this song is the best prayer partner you can ever have around, let’s go ahead and ask God to release what belongs to us.



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