New Music: “Conquering Lion” By Tonee Jeendu |@Toneejeendu

Conquering Lion by Tonee Jeendu is the song of the moment. You would love to play it again and again as you will naturally put on repeat.

An angel proclaims with a loud voice, “Who is worthy to open the scroll and break its seals?” John begins to despair when no one comes forth to answer the angel’s challenge. One of the 24 elders encourages John to “weep no more,” and points out that the Lion of the tribe of Judah has come to take and open the scroll.

New Music: "Conquering Lion" By Tonee Jeendu |@Toneejeendu

Jesus is worthy because He has conquered sin and death on the cross. The cross was the ultimate victory of God over the forces of sin and evil.

So when Jesus is referred to as the Lion and the Lamb, we are to see Him as not only the conquering King who will slay the enemies of God at His return but also as the sacrificial Lamb who took away the reproach of sin from His people so they may share in



Honor! Glory! God Almighty

Blessing!Wisdom! Lamb of Glory

Power! Redemption!

All Belongs to You


Conquering Lion The Lamb upon the Throne.

Ibu chukwu onye adighi agba nwe(Unchangeable God)

Alagbara Oba alewilese

Yes he Reign 4x

Odogwu !!!!chukwu! !!ebube dike

Oba nla Oba aiyeraye

Chorus till fade


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