New Music: “Invade My Privacy By Oche Jonkings

This song comes from a vessel prepared by God for a time such as this.

Oche Jonkings is a man helped by God and called to draw men to a place of intimacy with and personal knowledge of God. Having written spiritfilled songs such as Seated on the Throne, The Great I AM, Everybody LukuLuku, Omanchala among others…

Invade my privacy comes in a world where people live fake lives
A time where hypocrisy shines
In an era where sanctimonious living is exalted and self deceit is shouldered high, A song is born…
For those and all who want to be sincere about their true state
For those who desire holy and upright living.

A sound is released for the people who desire the ‘God standard Life’

Friends the song INVADE MY PRIVACY, is a simple but deep song which will draw men to the drawing board.
It’s a song of self examination and evaluation through the mirror of God’s word in the bid to know the mind of God concerning ones true state here on earth.

Alas the best time for you to know you is now not before the judgement seat of the Almighty.



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