Rita Timson Debuts Her First Song Titled “Shine On Me”

Rita Timson releases her debut song, “Shine On Me”. The song was borne out of deep intimacy with God. It is a prayer inviting the presence of God as it’s what everyone should long for in a world that is lost, a generation that has missed it.

“Shine on Me” puts you in an atmosphere of prayer that brings about the presence of God.

Shine on me Rita Timson

Have you missed the way?
Have you lost the presence of God from your life?
Do you need a refill of your oil?
Do you need your flames fired up?
Do you feel empty?

If you are familiar with the questions above, then you need this song to be fired up for the enormous task ahead.

Download the song, listen to it, and share it with your friends and family.

Zeg of Zegtopmusic (ZTM) produced the song.



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