New Music: “El-Gibor Arise” By Comfort Nnaji Chikaodili [Free Download]

Elgibor Arise is a song that expresses our helplessness and hopelessness without God. Based on the present condition of the world characterized by all forms of hazard, and natural disasters, betrayals, and all kinds of Diseases and sicknesses. I’ve come to realize that it’s only God that can save us.


Just like the time of the destruction of the whole world by heavy rain in the days of Noah. God saved Noah and his family. God will still save as many as will look up to Him alone. If God does not save us, nobody else can save us.

Even the present condition of the world and the pandemic shows how obviously helpless man is without God.
JESUS is indeed the MIGHTY GOD (EL GIBOR Isaiah 9:6).

I got the inspiration of this song El gibor Arise sometime in 2018, on a cold, cloudy and stormy night, there was a heavy thunder storm and the clouds were ready to pour heavily, i began to think of what will be the fate of many including myself, if the world was to end that night in a terrible way as it was illustrated in 2 Peter 3.

As I was pondering in my heart, It dawned on me that everyone who is a sinner needs salvation to be safe, and we christians must maintain a consistent unbroken intimacy and right standing with God to remain safe. Jesus is the only one true saviour, deliverer and protector.

Everyone needs to run to God for safety now that His grace is still available. Because one day the world will come to an end and eternity in hell or heaven will set in. May God help everyone to receive salvation and remain in Christ till the end. God bless you as you listen to this song.



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