New Music: “High And Lifted Up” By Fally Modupe Ft. Kayode Omosa

Fally-Modupe is a woman of virtue and integrity. She is a dedicated wife and mother of 7 lovely children. Her passion and strive to support her family and others is beyond description which has given her a great to opportunity into becoming a Qualified nurse and a Social Worker.

She also enjoy the reward of making her friends happy as makeup artist and fashion designer. As a result of her immense love and care she established a Day Care and Nursery School (Fabulous Tots Nursery) based in UK.

Fally Modupe

However, her biggest attribute is that she serves GOD with all her might no place is too far and no mountain is too high . Each step she takes in life is always side by side aided with the grace of GOD, her enthusiasm to sing praises to HIS Glory has always been her childhood dream.

Her zeal to wholeheartedly serve GOD enabled her to see no barriers as she has faced a lot of challenges. Which makes her to be positively strong, stronger to be able to stand the tallest amongst giants to GOD be the Glory
Anything she lays her hands upon was/is/will be blessed by GOD for her LOVE and having a tremendously big generous heart which seems to have elevated her from strength to strength.

In the morning at home, Whenever she belts out harmony filled lyrics with so much passion that it forces one to lift an eyebrow, as it fills a room to when it settles to soothing tingle that would disperse any lingering unpleasantness. To GOD be the Glory

This song is talking about exalting and lifting up the name of Jesus. It’s a song that also taken from the bible (And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, I will draw all men unto me… John 12-32). It’s not a makeover song or copied this is a song that is being inspired by the bible itself. Jesus is the reason why we lift up his name higher like a banner in the sky.

My inspiration comes from my life experience that can inspire others to reach and fulfill their purpose no matter what position they are in and to remind them that they can do all things through Christ.

Singing Gospel music is my passion and I have been doing this since age 8 from a church mass choir called Agbala-Itura. Writing songs has also played its part of my destiny to this day.

Many times, from my dreams I will be singing in my dreams and would wake up in the middle of night and do a voice recording of what I was singing in the dream.

My aspirations and desire is that my music will reach out to people of all kinds to heal broken soul, encourage and bring Joy and happiness to everyone around the world.



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The gospel has manifold perspectives of sharing even as it is a mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel in this format is what I know how to do best. Hook up with me here and let's ride good music, extraordinary Word, gospel news and gists. That's the gospel!

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