Creative Dimension of Worship (Part One) By Prophet Joel Obetta

Worship is not just limited to singing, it’s goes beyond that as there are other dimensions of high, intense and deep worship. One of these of dimensions is the artistic or creative dimension of worship.

Prophet Joel Obetta digs deep in this aspect of worship with this timely revelational message titled “Creative Dimension of Worship” in its debut part.

Creative Dimension of Worship (Part One) By Prophet Joel Obetta

About Prophet Joel Obetta
Obetta is an Alumni of the department of Fine And Applied Arts Philosophy, University Of Jos 2015. He latter moved to Yaba College Of Technology Lagos for a special course in Painting And African Craft.

He’s the founder of Promoting Arts Network Africa (PANA) also the founder and lead Artist at Prophetic Arts Gallery.

He’s a Fine Artist who has channelled his arts into the gospel scene, he believes that arts is not just a profession but a calling and ministry. He’s been able to reveal deep revelations using his paintings as a vehicle to strike a balance between our daily lives and spiritual intelligence.




The gospel has manifold perspectives of sharing even as it is a mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel in this format is what I know how to do best. Hook up with me here and let's ride good music, extraordinary Word, gospel news and gists. That's the gospel!

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