New Music: “Only You God I Know” By Emma Osibe

“Only You God I Know” is a song birthed out of a place of deep communion with God. It is a song of prayer and constant reminder to God that it’s only Him that we can rely on. In Him we have being and so if He isn’t there for us at all times, we are doomed.

We live in a world that is full of troubles and many hurdles, if not for God, we cannot sail the turbulent ocean of life, there is every need to totally depend on God for our sustenance.

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Download the song and share with family friends as a constant reminder to always depend on God no matter the situation or circumstance.


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The gospel has manifold perspectives of sharing even as it is a mandate from our Lord Jesus Christ. Sharing the gospel in this format is what I know how to do best. Hook up with me here and let's ride good music, extraordinary Word, gospel news and gists. That's the gospel!

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