SHAMI AONDOFA EMMANUEL aka OASE is an internationally recognized and dynamic gospel Reggae/Ragga artist based in Makurdi, Benue State, Nigeria. He hails from Vandeikya Local Government and badges a Degree in Vocational and Technical Education (Building) from the prestigious Benue State University, Makurdi, he currently a student of Theology with Christian Faith Institute Makurdi.

DREAMS EP is a project inspired by the Holy Spirit with the sole aim to spur the hearts of men unto true greatness.
True greatness can only be found in Jesus Christ.
True greatness can only be attained when we are tired of the norm.
True greatness can only be attained if we look within more than without!

DREAMS EP is a 6 Track project that will set you on fire and leave you burning for the rest of your life.
The project is a blend of Reggae and Hip Hop vibes featuring 6 Benue based gospel rappers; Pst. Steps, Spillz, Allnight, Day 3 ESMO & A Mose.

The project addressee themes like; Deception, Dreams, Suicide, Money, Salvation and Divine Promises of God

DREAMS is a song performed with Day 3

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